As a former undocumented immigrant, Nadina Feakins has a passion and strong dedication to helping improve the lives of vulnerable immigrants.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nadina is fluent in Spanish, English and American Sign Language. She graduated from Albright College with a degree in Criminal Justice and currently is enrolled at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota for her master in International Development.

  • BIA Accredited Representative
  • Legal Advocate @ Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center
  • Specializes in VAWA, U and T-Visas
  • Previously @ Church World Service both in Lancaster, PA and Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice from Albright College
  • Currently enrolled a M.A. in International Development
  • Extensive training in immigration and has studied at the US/Mexican border
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Sign Language
  • Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina